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Economics of Business and Law

WT17/18: Project Seminar "Business Plan"

29.05.2017 - We are offering a Business Plan-seminar for bachelor students in the following winter term. More information about this seminar can be found here.


Bachelor's Thesis

27.02.2017 - Information and current topic proposals can be found here.


Master's seminar "Topics in Economic Analysis of Law" ST 17

27.02.2017 - More information on the seminar in the upcoming semester may be found here. Follow the application procedure if you are interested in taking part in the seminar.

Please do not send in your application before March 21st and no later than April 5th (no exceptions from this procedure).


Teaching ST 17

27.02.2017 - An overview of the courses and seminars offered in the upcoming semester can be found here.


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