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How to apply for a seminar

The winter seminars are launched in October.
Deadline for paper submission is before Christmas, and the presentations will take place in January.
Please do not send in your application before September 28th and no later than October 13th (no exceptions from this procedure).

The summer seminars are launched in April.
The papers are due in June, and the presentations will be given in June.
Please do not send in your application before March 21st and no later than April 5th (no exceptions from this procedure).


Follow the procedure:

If you want to take part in a seminar, please send an Email (click here for the address) in which you provide the following information:

Please add (preferably in the body of your email and not as an attached file! If you attach a file, make sure that it bears a sensible filename, like "myname_grades.pdf". It is impossible to keep track of all the attachments that are cleverly named "cv.doc") a short statement describing your motivation why you want to participate in this seminar

Students admitted to a seminar will receive the key that is required to log in to the seminar's page (in E-Learning ) where you are provided with up-to-date information on the seminar.

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