Bachelor's Thesis

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The bachelor's thesis seminar starts with the general introductory session. Participation is absolutely mandatory for all participants! Check E-Learning for date, venue and time!

General Information

The purpose of a thesis is to demonstrate your ability to apply economic concepts, i.e., using mathematical models. First, you have to outline the economic problem and the state of the literature. From this point, you can proceed in three ways: You discuss and criticize the models found in the literature, you modify a given model adequately, or you create your own (simple) model so as to address an aspect of the problem that has been neglected in the literature. In any case, the usage of economic models is inevitable. Empirical work that sustains or refutes the theoretical results is always welcome.

If you want to write your thesis on a topic in "Economics of Business and Law", these topics (see below) may come from two areas: Law and Economics on the one hand, Business Economics on the other hand. Please note that successful participation in an appropriate seminar or course (either in "Law and Economics" or in "Business Economics)" is a prerequisite.

Please provide the following information if you intend to apply directly at the chair (by e-mail; obey the official deadlines; incomplete applications will not be processed). Please contact PD Dr. Annette Kirstein directly if you intend to write one of the topics below under her supervision.

  • family name,
  • given name,
  • matr.-no.,
  • cell phone,
  • email address,
  • study program,
  • a current transcript of your grades at the OvGU (virus free file, preferably PDF format),
  • a motivation,
  • a list which indicates your participation (with semester and grade) in any of the chairs' courses (Collective Decision-Making in Organizations; Economic Analysis of Law; Economics of International Business; Financial Management; Principles of Management) and/or seminars (Advanced Business Economics; IBE Project Seminar "Business Plan"; Topics in Economic Analysis of Law),
  • choose two topics and briefly describe your ideas in about 4-5 sentences.




Topics - Prof. Dr. Roland Kirstein

(none in ST 19)


Topics - PD Dr. Annette Kirstein


1. Excessive rewards and decline in performance (Supervisor: PD Dr. Annette Kirstein)

Starting article: Ariely, D. et al. (2009): Large Stakes and Big Mistakes, in: Review of Economic Studies 76, 451-469.


2. The impact of payment and relative performance feedback on employee effort (Supervisor: PD Dr. Annette Kirstein)

Starting article: Eriksson, T., Poulsen, A., & Villeval, M. C. (2009). Feedback and incentives: Experimental evidence. Labour Economics, 16(6), 679-688.


3. Inequity aversion and economic decision making (Supervisor: PD Dr. Annette Kirstein)

Starting article: Fehr, E., & Schmidt, K. M. (1999). A theory of fairness, competition, and cooperation. The quarterly journal of economics, 114(3), 817-868.


4. Social non-monetary incentives and job performance (Supervisor: PD Dr. Annette Kirstein)

Ellingsen, T., & Johannesson, M. (2007). Paying respect. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 21(4), 135-150.


5. The impact of reward and punishment on employee effort (Supervisor: PD Dr. Annette Kirstein)

Fehr, E., & Schmidt, K. M. (2007). Adding a stick to the carrot? The interaction of bonuses and fines. American Economic Review, 97(2), 177-181.

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