Working Papers

Karas, M.: The Country of Origin Principle for Media Online Transmissions: Burden or Chance?

Kirstein, R.: Who Should Pay the Real-Estate Agent?

Kirstein, R.: Negligence, Costly Litigation, and Unobservable Unilateral Care.

Kirstein, R.: The impact of deductibles and partial coverage on the care level chosen by risk-neutral injurers with (mandatory) liability insurance.

Kirstein, R: Sanctions in Social Dilemma Situations.

Kirstein, R.: Fight or Buy. A Comparison of Internationalization Strategies.

Kirstein, R.: Grey-imports as a Strategic Management Tool.

Kirstein, R.: Optimal Delegation in Nash-Bargaining.

Kirstein, R.: Risk-Neutral Monopolists are Variance-Averse.

Kirstein, R.: Ökonomische Folgen einer geteilten Wertsteuer. Theoretische Analyse und eine Law-and-Economics-Anwendung.

Kirstein, R./Koné, S.: Voting Caps and Two Blockholders. A Power-Index Analysis of the VW law.

Kirstein, R./Mocanu, T.: Google vs Newspaper Publishers Who Should Pay Whom?

Kirstein, R./Schliephake, E.: Bilateral Delegation in Nash Bargaining.

Kirstein, R./Schliephake, E.: Deceptive Navigation Systems.

Kirstein, R./Schliephake, E./Mülbrot, A.: Incentive Effects of Basel 2 Equity Regulation if Banks Select Portfolios.

Kirstein, R./v. Wangenheim, G.: The Condorcet Jury-Theorem with Two Independent Error-Probabilities.

Schliephake, E.: When Banks Strategically React to Regulation: Concentration as a Mediator for Stability , mimeo.

Schliephake, E.: Risk Weighted Capital Requirements and Government Debt, mimeo.

Kirstein, R/Peiss, M.: Quantitative Machtkonzepte in der Ökonomik.

Peiss, M.: Group Entanglement in Team Production, mimeo.

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